What is DocsTub?

DocsTub is a platform to reward and incentivise all document shared online. So that they can earn out of their creations. This way the world gets quality content for free and the content creators get paid for the same. DocsTub will be earning out of contextual advertisement and will sharing the revenue with the uploaders.


I am having a problem downloading a document

When you have a problem downloading a document, please contact our support team and please make sure to include the URL link to the document with which you are experiencing problems and your DocsTub username.

Can I save the document on my computer?

Yes. Click on Download button to download any document, it will prompt you to save the document onto your computer. From there you will have access to the document.

Will the document be emailed or mailed to me?

Unfortunately, we do not email or snail mail the document to our users. After downloading or purchasing a document, you will have automatic access to the document.

Is there a cost associated with downloading documents from DocsTub?

No, All the documents are free to be downloaded provided authors allows download.

How many documents can I download each day?

There is a limit of 200 documents that may be downloaded during a 24-hour period.

What are the benefits of sharing my documents?

  • Marketing/Exposure – having your professional documents in a public forum can help with finding building new business relationships and advertising your product to millions.
  • Storage – with DocsTub, you can store unlimited documents, meaning that they’re available to you anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy Publication/Syndication – using our embed feature, you can easily display your documents on your website or blog. When emailing documents, rather than sending a bulky attachment to your business associates, you can send them a link to your documents or embed your document right in the body of the email, which means they won’t have to wait to download them.

What is the process for putting my files on DocsTub?

  • Upload – First, your file has to be uploaded to our servers.
  • Publish – After the file is on our servers and you have specified a title, some tags, a description, and a category (or not, these are optional), you can publish it, making it available on the site.
  • Track – Now you can check how many people have viewed your document, how it is rated, and whether it has garnered any comments from the DocsTub community.
  • Earn – Depending on how many people have viewed your document, Docstub will share advertising revenue with you.

Why can’t I download or print copyright protected documents?

Some documents are there to be read but not downloaded per the specifications of the copyright holder. Allowing you to download them would be copyright infringement.

Can I upload documents privately?

Yes. When using the OneClick application, check the box that says private. When using our upload page, simply select Upload Privately on the right-hand side. These documents will only be viewable by you and people to whom you provide the link.

What if I uploaded a document public and now want to make it private?

This is easy. Just open your Profile tab and select the document you would like to make private. You can use the button 'make private'. Please take the opposite actions to make a document public.

What file formats do you support?

You can upload Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF), Word Files (.DOC and .DOCX), Spreadsheets (.XLS and .XLSX), Presentations (.PPT and .PPTX) and even text files (.TXT and .RTF).

Do you support Open Office or Neo Office documents (.ODP, .ODS, etc)?

Unfortunately, DocsTub does not currently support these formats. However, both Neo Office and Open Office allow file saving in the formats listed above, so simply save them in a usable format and upload.

Can I upload video, audio, photos, or interactive content?

DocsTub only supports documents. Video, audio, photos, and interactive content cannot be uploaded or displayed on DocsTub.

What is the maximum size of a file I can upload?

The maximum size of a single file is 50 MB.

Why did my document fail to convert?

Chances are your document was not saved in a format we currently support. Save it as one of the formats we support and try uploading it again using the 'upload' button. If the issue persists, please email our support team with your DocsTub username and the actual file attached in the email.

Does DocsTub support non-English documents?

Yes. DocsTub supports a number of languages. Click here for a full list.

How do I upload documents in bulk?

There are numerous ways to upload to DocsTub in bulk: With DocsTub Sync, simply drag multiple files into your sync desktop folder, and Sync will do the rest. With the OneClick application and the upload page, when the dialogue box that allows you to select your files appears, select all of the documents you wish to upload by clicking on the first document and shift-clicking the last. All documents in between will also be selected.

Can I edit my documents once they’ve been uploaded?

Documents cannot be edited directly on DocsTub, nor can new versions of documents be uploaded to replace existing versions.

Can I upload a new revision of one of my documents without destroying my view counts?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time.

What are categories?

Categories are the general areas under which DocsTub documents are filed.

What should I do if my documents don’t fit in any of DocsTub’s categories?

Choose the one that is most applicable and use that category. Remember, the categories are there for you convenience and are completely optional.

What are tags?

Tags are something like mini-categories: they are descriptive terms that describe the topics that your document deals with. If you click on a tag, it will bring up a page that lists all DocsTub documents that use that tag. We recommend using 2 to 3 word tags for your documents.

When should I add descriptions on my documents?

Adding additional information to your document is very important to users who are viewing the document and for promotional purposes. Whenever possible, add as much information about the document as possible.

Why categorize, tag and/or add a description?

Categorizing, tagging and adding a description all help with search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, by posting your docs to DocsTub and taking time to properly categorize, tag and describe, you increase the likelihood of getting indexed and ranked by the major search engines. This is what helps boost branding, traffic, lead generation and/or sales!


How much will I earn from DocsTub.com?

It purely depends on type of documents you upload and type of visitors it attracts. We will be sharing whatever we earn out of it.

How much money do you share with the user?

We share 60% of money earned from document page.

When can I withdraw money?

The threshold limit is of 50$. So once you reach 50$ you can request for withdrawal. We process withdrawal twice in a month.

How can I transfer money?

All user can request transfer of money via Paypal.If you are from India you can send your bank details via contact form and we will transfer money via it incase you do not have paypal.


How long does it take to upload a document?

The time to upload a document varies depending on various factors: The type of document, the size of the document, the number of documents in front of you in the document queue, and the size and type of documents in front of you in the document queue. Do not worry, your documents will upload.

I'm having trouble viewing a document:

Please make sure that you have stable internet, try cleaning the cache and finally you may wish to try a different browser.

I registered but now I cannot sign into DocsTub:

DocsTub requires that you enable cookies. You will be unable to sign in until you do enable your cookies.

I cannot upload my document:

The most common problem encountered when uploading a document can be fixed by simply closing the document on your computer and ensuring that any program using the document is also closed on your computer.

I uploaded a document and now it is gone.

This sometimes occurs and the document may have been removed by DocsTub for a variety of reasons. Contact our customer support team at mail@DocsTub.com with the following information: your username, the name of the document, and a copy of the document file.

How do I delete my DocsTub account?

If you would like your account to be removed, please send an email to mail@DocsTub.com, including the username you would like deleted and the email address you used to register the DocsTub account.

How do I change my DocsTub username?

DocsTub does not currently offer the option of changing usernames.

I have a question about a specific document that I found in your document library

DocsTub is a community driven site which means that all of the documents found on DocsTub have been uploaded to the site by the DocsTub community members. If you have a question or concern about a specific document, we recommend that you contact the DocsTub community member who uploaded the document with that question or concern if they have their contact information posted.

How do I recover a lost password?

DocsTub has a password retrieval system in place to assist you with forget password. Just click on 'Sign In' at the top right of any page and then click on the 'Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the popup window. Provide the requested information and you should receive your password in 10 minutes or less. Please be sure to check both your spam and junk mail boxes because sometimes the email ends up there. Unfortunately, to ensure the privacy and security of all DocsTub members, we cannot provide password assistance in any manner other than the sanctioned password retrieval system.

How do I change my password?

Log into your DocsTub account, click on the profile link, located at the top right of the page. There, under 'Edit' you can change your password. Enter your old and new passwords into the form and click UPDATE.

Why did my account get terminated?

The most common reasons an account on DocsTub is terminated are: uploading copyrighted content you don’t own or have permission to upload and uploading content that features nudity, violence, hate speech, spam or other offensive content. Please review our Terms of Condition, to view the full list.

Do I need to complete my profile?

It is highly recommended that you complete your profile if you intend to promote your documents. By completing your profile, you will increase leads for your new business, gain professional connections, get members and users to view your documents and provide feedback- all while contributing to the DocsTub community.

I need specific technical assistance, who do I contact?

If you need technical assistance, please contact our support team. In order to help you the best we can, please include the following information in your request: your username or email address, screenshots of what is occurring, the name and version of the browser you are using, what operating system you are on (Windows or Mac), and a detailed account of what you are experiencing.

My document was removed / deleted, how do I get it back?

Unfortunately, once a document is removed or deleted from our site, we cannot retrieve the document.

I don’t have an account. Can I still download documents?

You must have an account to download a document. Take a minute to register - it’s fast, easy, and free.


Contact our support team at mail@docstub.com